Yoink 2.0 – Simplifies drag and drop between spaces in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Yoink helps making drag and drop between spaces or fullscreen apps in OS X Lion easier.

Every time you start dragging a file, Yoink fades in a tiny window on the left edge of your screen so you can drag files to it.
This frees up your mouse so you can comfortably navigate to the destination of the drop and resume the drag from Yoink’s window.

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Version 2.0:New Features:

  • Yoink now accepts content from apps – like images from webpages, text from text documents, etc.
  • File Stacks: if several files are dropped onto Yoink in one drag, Yoink optionally combines them to one item to make dragging them out all at once easier
  • Yoink’s window now can be shown with a hotkey to make dragging files from the Dock’s Stacks possible


  • Yoink doesn’t lose items anymore if they are moved
  • Added more positions for Yoink’s window
  • Yoink’s window can now be shown on the screen on which the drag was initiated
  • Nicer graphics and UI elements
  • Resolved startup issues

Minor Changes:

  • New menu bar icon
  • QuickLook preview panel doubled up in size

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