WriteRoom 3.0.1 – Fullscreen distraction-free writing environment.

WriteRoom is for Mac users who enjoy the simpllicity of a typewriter, but live in the digital world. WriteRoom is a full-screen, distraction-free writing environment. Unlike the cluttered word processors you’re used to, WriteRoom is just about you and your text. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


Version 3.0.1:

  • Added Link to Download More Themes… in Themes menu.
  • Fixed Show Formatting Toolbar displays properly in all rich text documents.
  • Fixed Documents ending in .html (and other extensions) are no longer changed to .txt on save.
  • Fixed Works better with QuickCursor, no untitled window opened, and always sends text back.
  • Changed File > Open New Windows… setting to be global instead of associated with current theme.
  • Changed Select Word command works more like TextMate, selecting whitespace when appropriate.
  • Changed Select Paragraph to use Shift-Command-L keyboard shortcut.

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