Sublime Text 2.0 – Edit code, html and prose

Sublime Text 2 is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.

Goto Anything
Use Goto Anything to open files with only a few keystrokes, and instantly jump to symbols, lines or words.

Triggered with ⌘P, it is possible to:

  • Type part of a file name to open it.
  • Type @ to jump to symbols, # to search within the file, and : to go to a line number.

These shortcuts can be combined, so  may take you to a function read_file within a file Similarly, tp:100 would take you to line 100 of the same file.

Multiple Selections
Make ten changes at the same time, not one change ten times. Multiple selections allow you to interactively change many lines at once, rename variables with ease, and manipulate files faster than ever.

Try pressing ⇧⌘L to split the selection into lines and⌘D to select the next occurrence of the selected word. To make multiple selections with the mouse, take a look at the Column Selection documentation.

Command Palette
The Command Palette holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting, changing the syntax and changing the indentation settings. With just a few keystrokes, you can search for what you want, without ever having to navigate through the menus or remember obscure key bindings.

Show the Command Palette with ⌘⇧P.

Distraction Free Mode
When you need to focus, Distraction Free Mode is there to help you out. Distraction Free Mode is full screen, chrome free editing, with nothing but your text in the center of the screen. You can incrementally show elements of the UI, such as tabs and the find panel, as you need them.

You can enter Distraction Free Mode using theView/Enter Distraction Free Mode menu.

Split Editing

Get the most out of your wide screen monitor with split editing support. Edit files side by side, or edit two s in the one file. You can edit with as many rows and columns as you wish.

Take advantage of multiple monitors by editing with multiple windows, and using multiple splits in each window.

Take a look at the View/Layout menu for split editing options. To open multiple views into the one file, use the File/New View into File menu item.

Instant Project Switch
Projects in Sublime Text capture the full contents of the workspace, including modified and unsaved files. You can switch between projects in a manner similar to Goto Anything, and the switch is instant, with no save prompts – all your modifications will be restored next time the project is opened.

Plugin API
Sublime Text has a powerful, Python based plugin API. Along with the API, it comes with a built in Python console to interactively experiment in real time.

Customize Anything

Key Bindings, Menus, Snippets, Macros, Completions and more – just about everything in Sublime Text is customizable with simple JSON files. This system gives you flexibility as settings can be specified on a per-file type and per-project basis.

Cross Platform
Sublime Text is available for OS X, Windows and Linux. One license is all you need to use Sublime Text on every computer you own, no matter what operating system it uses.

Sublime Text uses a custom UI toolkit, optimized for speed and beauty, while taking advantage of native functionality on each platform.

Version 2.0
Release Date: 26 June 2012

  • See the blog post for a summary.
  • OSX: Added Retina display support
  • Added “Quick Skip Next”, on Command+K,Command+D / Ctrl+K,Ctrl+D
  • Added text drag and drop
  • Reloading a file maintains the selection
  • OSX: Find uses the system find pasteboard
  • OSX: Added support for the ODB Editor Suite
  • Theme: Added support for the highlight_modified_tabs setting
  • Added setting show_full_path, to control if the full path is shown in the window title
  • Added setting bold_folder_labels
  • OSX: Bundle is signed in preparation for Mountain Lion
  • OSX: Added scroll bar support for the “Jump to the spot that’s clicked” system preference
  • OSX: Added create_window_at_startup setting
  • OSX: Folders accessed via symlinks are monitored for changes
  • OSX: Fixed Lion press-and-hold inserting two characters
  • Windows: Installer is signed
  • Windows: Directory scanning makes use of inodes where available
  • Windows: Files are opened with the FILE_SHARE_DELETE share mode
  • Windows: Fixed a regression in command line handling with network paths
  • Windows and Linux: Tweaked command line handling when Sublime Text isn’t already running
  • Linux: Tweaked handling of the Primary selection
  • Linux: GTK is loaded at runtime, removing any dependency on specific libpng versions
  • Linux: Fixed occasional jittering with the auto complete window
  • Linux: Fixed a directory watching issue
  • Linux: Sub-folders within the syntax menu on the status bar work as expected
  • Linux: Show Completions has changed from ctrl+space to alt+/, to not interfere with IMEs
  • Reworked CSS completions
  • Improved Toggle Comment for HTML and CSS
  • Added Open in Browser context menu for HTML files
  • Saving a file now calls fsync to ensure the data is written to disk
  • Added support for file_include_patterns and folder_include_patterns in projects
  • Find in Files can exclude directories using “-some_path/” syntax
  • Added BOM variants to the Save with Encoding menu
  • Added setting preview_on_click
  • Improved Indentation Detection
  • ASCII control codes are rendered in a different style
  • Auto complete and tool tips say within the screen boundaries
  • Double clicking in the tab header area will create a new tab
  • Delete Folder will prompt before moving the folder to the trash
  • Double clicking on whitespace will select only whitespace
  • Theme: Added ‘expandable’ attribute to tree_rows, enabling folders to be styled differently
  • Theme: Tweaked quick panel to better indicate the selected item
  • Disabling find result highlighting will also disable find-as-you-type in the Find panel
  • Pressing escape in the incremental find panel will set the selection to the search start point
  • Extended behavior of home and end keys on word wrapped lines
  • Changes in file name case are detected in the side bar
  • Fixed save_on_focus_lost causing Goto Anything to not show if the current file has unsaved changes
  • Fixed folders not being added to the recent folders list
  • Fixed rendering of active indent guides
  • Fixed pasting file:line expressions into the Goto Anything panel
  • Invalid key names in keymap files will are logged to the console
  • Build Systems: Added variants
  • Build Systems: Improved debug output of the exec command when the target isn’t found
  • Build Systems: Added show_panel_on_build setting
  • Build Systems: Build times are reported
  • Build Systems: Exit code is reported, if it’s non-zero
  • Build Systems: Improved output panel height serialization
  • Build Systems: Canceling a build will terminate rather than kill the process
  • Vintage: Added backspace motion (thanks mrannanj)
  • Vintage: Improved quote text object (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added Ctrl+U and Ctrl+D (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: ‘vintage_use_clipboard’ forces pasting from system clipboard too (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Fixed motions with “0” in them for actions (thanks bengolds)
  • Vintage: Visual mode I and A (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added vintage_use_clipboard setting to yank to the system clipboard (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Tweaked behavior of cw and cW when the caret is in whitespace (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added bindings for moving the group focus up, down, left, right (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Paste accepts a repeat count (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added bindings for u and U in visual mode, to change the case of the selection and exit visual mode (thanks quarnster)
  • Vintage: Macro replay accepts a repeat count (thanks zbuc)
  • Vintage: r<char> processes lines individually (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Tweaked % behavior (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Fix bug that caused deletes to erroneously left_delete (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Fix EOF behavior with linewise changes (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Ignoring a and i when in visual mode (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: cc and S take counts (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Correctly shrink selections when reversed (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added vap (thanks behrends)
  • API: Added sublime.message_dialog()
  • API: Added sublime.ok_cancel_dialog()
  • API: Added Command.is_checked() to support checkbox menu items
  • API: Added sublime.log_result_regex()

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