Soulver 2.3.3 – Smart notepad with built-In calculator.

Soulver 2.3.3
Soulver helps you do quick calculations and work things out. It’s quicker to use than a spreadsheet, and smarter and clearer than a traditional calculator.

You type out your problems as you would on paper, and Soulver calculates your answer as you type. You can do calculations over multiple lines, and use words alongside your numbers so they make sense.

Soulver is great for adding things up, easily doing percentages, and converting things, like currencies.

Use Soulver to play around with numbers, do “back-of-the-envelope” quick calculations, and solve day-to-day problems.

Key Features:

  • See all your calculations all the time, and go back and change any of them.
  • Use words amid your calculations so your numbers make sense
  • Easily do percentages (“$100 – 10%”, “30 as a % of 200”)
  • See a running total of all your lines
  • Do easy conversions (“10 USD in Euros, “25 meters in feet”)
  • Do calculations with stocks (“100 AAPL”)
  • Connect your lines together using answer tokens.
  • Create variables to hold frequently used numbers
  • All the standard mathematical functions.
  • Support for calculations in binary & hex.
  • Save and export your work.

What’s New

Version 2.3.3:
Exporting and Printing:

  • When you print, export directly to PDF or Send to Mail, visual options in your document (line numbers visible, statistic visible, etc) are used. Alternatively, these visual options can still be customised by going through the File: Export dialog.
iCloud Syncing:
  • New unsaved files are no longer synced to iCloud with the "suppress save warning for unsaved documents" preference turned on (it’s off by default). This is to avoid your iCloud folder become cluttered up with "scratch" files you won’t use again.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a visual bug where the margin of the text area could become narrow in documents with over 100 lines.
  • Fixed a bug related to opening documents on 10.6


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later


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