Scrivener 2.4.1 – Project management and word processing tool for writers.

Scrivener 2.4.1Scrivener is a project management and writing tool for writers of all kinds that stays with you from that first unformed idea all the way through to the first – or even final – draft. Outline and structure your ideas; take notes; storyboard your masterpiece using a powerful virtual corkboard; view research while you write; track themes using keywords; dynamically combine multiple scenes into a single text. Scrivener has already been enthusiastically adopted by best-selling novelists and novices alike. Outline… Edit… Storyboard… Write.

What’s New

Version 2.4.1:

  • Fixed bug whereby file references with spaces in the file path could not be opened from Scrivener's references pane.
  • Fixed bug whereby there could be a typing lag in scaled footnotes in the inspector.
  • Improved buffer area around editor split-divider when double-clicking to make editors same width or height.
  • Fixed bug whereby clicking the "Move..."Â� toolbar items repeatedly and quickly could cause an exception to be thrown.
  • Fixed bug whereby replacements didn't work in e-book NCX titles.
  • "Project Properties" is now the first pane in Meta-Data Settings.
  • Fixed bug whereby Compile presets panel resizing would not resize the presets tab view.
  • Moved "Show Titles in Scrivenings" to the Format > Options menu.
  • Updated certain non-Retina toolbar items to match those used on Retina displays.
  • Forward references are now supported in autonumbering, using e.g. &;$;#keyword:tag> to refer to numbers generated using &;$:#keyword:tag>.
  • Fixed bug whereby exception could be thrown when typing in old script formats.
  • Scrivener no longer throws up internal error alerts by default. The error alert feature was introduced in 2.4, but there are too many harmless errors that get thrown by plugins or OS X itself which can trigger an alert message. It can be turned back on via a new "Show internal error alerts" preference, but should only be turned on if you encounter strange problems in Scrivener.
  • Fixed bug whereby footnote markers would not have a space after them in exported RTF files if the text was not left-aligned.


Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later

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