[LTF] Quick Slideshow Maker 1.0 – Quickly make a slideshow movie

For limited time from 12.09 to 12.15 (MSRP $14.99)

Quickly make a slideshow movie in three steps:

1. Choose Theme: Select an eye-candy builtin theme to create a slideshow project;
2. Edit Slideshow: Import photos, videos, music and builtin text clips, edit and preview;
3. Export to Movie: Export your final slideshow project to the selected video format;
Finally, a beautiful slideshow movie is done in about half an hour.


1. 12 builtin themes, suitable for most of the situations;
2. Supported formats: media formats natively supported by Mac OS X;
3. Edit and preview slideshow in realtime;
4. Fast export, supported export format: Mac Local, YouTube, iOS Devices.


OS X 10.6 or later


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