Picturesque 2.4.3 – Make images look gorgeous for the web

Picturesque 2.4.2

Picturesque is an award-winning application designed to make images look gorgeous for the web.

With an animated “drag and drop” style interface, Picturesque makes images gorgeous with tasteful effects like 3D perspective, reflection, glow, shadow, curve, and stroke in less time than it takes to open Photoshop.

Picturesque can also beautify images in batch, and with the ability to resize, crop, and apply effects on a whole folder of images, Picturesque is an an easy way to make sophisticated thumbnails and refined full sized images.

Picturesque is the final touch to make your images perfect.

* 2007 Apple Design Award Winner

What’s New

Version 2.4.3:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Picturesque opening on 32-bit Macs.


Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later


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