Path Finder 5.7.9 – Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative.

Path Finder is a file browser that combines the familiar Finder interface with the powerful utilities and innovative features.

Just a small selection of the Path Finder 5 feature set:

  • Dual pane file browser
  • Tabs to quickly manage multiple s on your hard drive in one window
  • Reorder how your files are listed to suit your personal preferences
  • View invisible files and navigate inside of Mac OS X packages quickly and easily
  • Access your frequently used folders, files, and applications with the Shelf, and save multiple Shelf setups to suit different activities
  • Pause drag-and-drop operations by putting files into the Drop Stack for future use
  • Create and convert disk images
  • Access the OS X command line
  • Much, much more!
What’s New: 5.7.9

– This window now correctly reflects All windows user preferences as starting point (before you had to start customizing from factory defaults)
– you can again have two windows open with two different types of sorting
– Added a gear button below the Shelf with Hide/Show Shelf and Hide/Show Drop Stack options
– Fixed a one pixel alignment issue that occurred to the Drop Stack when the Bookmarks bar was hidden
– By popular request, we added a preference to make the Shelf blue (click on the new gear wheel button under the Shelf)
– Fixed font size differences in the Shelf contextual menu
– You can now access Sorting Preferences in Column View by clicking on the column header triangle
– Fixed the drawing of the reload button in the status bar
– Fixed an issue where the Tab text color was hard to read when windows were in the background
– Fixed an issue where the preview columns background was inccorect when displaying movie previews
– Fixed the option key to work as Meta
– Fixed the broken Terminal background transparency preference
– Terminal window now matches browser window style
– Fixed an issue with opening text files in the text editor when automatic encoding detection was turned on
– Fixes to the iTunes browser plugin (fixed a burning and isolated crash)
– Updated Taiwan, Japanese, German and Dutch localizations
– Updated the Stuffit engine to the brand new version (version 12)

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