Movist 1.2.0 – Media player with a high-quality caption feature and more.

Movist is a movie player for Mac OS X based on QuickTime and FFmpeg.

  • Supports QuickTime and FFmpeg
  • Customizable high quality caption
  • Supports smi, srt format captions
  • Playlist support
  • Media playback control
  • Full screen control panel
  • Simple user interface
  • Universal binary


Version 1.2.0:

  • Chapters supported
  • Bookmarks supported
  • Playlist Shuffle supported
  • Playlist “Repeat One” behavior changed
  • Playlist “Skip beginning/ending” supported
  • Playlist “Keep current movie settings” supported:
AV track selection, play speed, aspect ratio, screen filling,
transform, image filters, audio equalizer
  • Remember last play position of all movies
  • Fixed incorrect detection for video size & PAR of some movies
  • Filter load/save supported and apply-order fixed.
  • User window size setting added
  • Full screen monitor setting added
  • Audio Equalizer supported (FFmpeg Only)
  • Invalid compressed subtitle file decompressing bug fixed
  • Embedded VobSub in .mkv file supported
  • Embedded subtitles in .mp4 supported
  • 3D subtitle supported
  • Embedded subtitle loading enhanced (concurrent loading with playback. FFmpeg Only)
  • SAMI without header supported
  • Infinite opening bug fixed since 10.7.4 update
  • Media key bug fixed
  • Monitor black out bug fixed after full screen navigation
  • In 10.6, Window black out fixed when Spaces activated
  • LCD backlight off when “Black out other screens” is on
  • Screenshot image format setting added
  • Some default values of Preferences changed
  • Control panel UI enhanced
  • and more bugs fixed & enhancements.


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