MotionComposer 1.6.1 – Create animated and interactive Web content.

MotionComposer 1.6.1With MotionComposer, create engaging Web content and run it anywhere!

Make it universal 

MotionComposer empowers you to create engrossing animations and interactive content that will run on any platform, from your desktop to your tablet to your phone. Finally, you have the flexibility to deliver content to devices of all shapes and sizes — MotionComposer makes it work!

Flexibility, built right in 

If a Web browser supports Flash, MotionComposer utilizes it; if not MotionComposer automatically plays your content as HTML5. It’s that simple — with Motion Composer, cross-client compatibility is always a given.

Feature-rich, for your convenience

  • No coding required. Period.
  • Animate text and images for fluid, user-engaging content.
  • Ideal for enabling user-generated content on your landing page.
  • A clear user interface simplifies the animation process.
  • Render both Flash and HTML5 content in a single step.
  • Optimized HTML5 ensures top-notch performance on iPhone and iPad.

What’s New

Version 1.6.1:

  • Improved inspector tabs behaviour
  • Fixed animation not starting on IE8-
  • Fixed multiple animations not playing in iBooks iOS 6.1


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6 or later
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.0.1 or later

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