Mental Casec 2.0.4 – Fun way to remember stuff.

Mental Case is many things – a drop box for your thoughts; RSS for your head; an index of your knowledge – but ultimately, it’s just a fun way to remember stuff. And ‘stuff’ can be anything, from your new mobile phone number to the Presidents of the United States – Mental Case can even help you remember to stick to a diet.

All you do is gather tidbits of information in ‘mental notes’. Enter some text, drop in an image, take a screen shot, or even snap a picture with your iSight. Mental Case schedules the note to reappear at future dates. When you have a few minutes to spare, you watch the scheduled notes in a slide show. Mental Case makes learning a pleasure.


Version 2.0.4:

  • Improved import of learning schedule from Mental Case 1.9
  • Added more slide timing options
  • Improved layout of multiple choice slides with images
  • QuickLook now works with multiple choice slides
  • All Notes now shows all stacks, not just top-level stacks
  • Small improvements in the Export panel
  • Order of stacks in sync panel is now correct
  • Fixed a crashing bug when dragging notes in a filtered list

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