Lock Screen Plus 2.0 – Secure lock screen with weather forecast.

Lock Screen Plus 2.0
Lock Screen Plus is a secure and beautiful lock screen application combining with a weather forecast. You can choose a variety of themes (totally free!) which have different layouts and unique unlock styles.

The application provides a variety of themes starting with 4 themes and we are adding themes continuously. Each theme has different layout, clock, wifi, battery bar, weather forecast, and also unique unlock styles.

The application also provide a variety of preferences so you can customize your lock screen as you want. You can set password for more security.

Key options:

  • Lock before computer sleep
  • Lock hotkey
  • Zoom in/out animation when lock/unlock screen
  • Auto lock screen
  • Theme store
  • Customize wallpaper / time format / lock and unlock sounds / lock text / weather location
  • Set password for more security

What’s New

Version 2.0:
New Features / Important updates:

  • Add 9 new themes
  • Add weather souce for USA : NOAA
  • Add one click mode to unlock screen
  • Introduce new password popup style
  • Improve graphics and password popup of existing themes
  • Add 9 new lock/unlock sounds
  • More smooth on Swipe to Unlock
  • Add option to choose lock animations
  • Add option to hide weather time
  • Smooth animation when slide on keyboard
Fix problems:
  • Fix bug app crash when load weather
  • Fix problem when user plug/unplug new screen
  • Fix bug when weather service is unavailable
  • Fix bug wallpaper not reload when change theme
  • Fix cursor sometimes show when lock screen
  • Fix bug unlock bar slide back when password popup
Minor updates:
  • Change app icon
  • Change default theme to Metropolis
  • Update Preferences layout
  • Add more links to welcome dialog
  • Use premium geonames service
  • Reduce length of trackpad and keyboard slide
  • Add instruction to fix when trackpad has a problem
  • Use black style icon as default


Intel, OS X 10.7 or later


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