Layers 1.6.2 – Capture every item on your screen as a Photoshop layered image.

Layers captures every window, every palette, every menu, every menu and status bar icon, every icon on the Desktop, and even the Dock and the Desktop background for each of your connected displays will be saved as a separate, editable layer in the resulting Photoshop image file.


  • AppShot: capture the full content of most Mac applications windows, even if that content is not visible. Every scrollable area will be saved as a PSD layer
  • WebShot: capture complete web pages directly from Safari, WebKit, Firefox, Google Chrome, Flock, Camino or Opera. Fast and accurate.
  • PSD capture: all windows and elements, including the cursor, as grouped layers.
  • Multiple displays supported.
  • Fine tune the capture using the Inspector window.
  • More…


Version 1.6.2:

  • Fixed “Check for updates…” item in main menu.

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