KPlayer 1.2.9 – Video playback app with subtitle support

KPlayer is the video playback App with subtitle support.

It can also play 720p, 1080p video files better smoothly if ‘H.264 Hardware Acceleration’ is supported.**

32/64-bit support

‘H.264 Hardware Acceleration’ support**

  • require a Mac with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or GeForce 320M or GeForce GT 330M GPU
  • when most MP4, MOV, M4V video files(encoded in H.264/AAC) are played

Subtitles support

  • SMI, SRT
  • a subtitle file be in the same folder, same name with a video file and it’s extension be ‘smi’ or ‘srt’
  • if you have installed ‘Perian’, turn off Perian’s ‘Subtitle Options’
  • internal subtitles of MKV files are not supported
  • Perian’s subtitle features are not supported

Aspect ratio settings support

Playlists support

  • it is automatically made up of video files that have similar names in the same folder

Playback speed settings support

  • click the right mouse button at left or right areas of the video playing window

Continued playing support

  • replay the most recently opened video file that was not played to the end
  • click the play button or menu after executing KPlayer

Move to Trash support

  • move currently opened files(videos and subtitles) to Trash
  • if there are playlists, it is enable at playing the last video file of playlists

Save as QuickTime Movie support

  • save the currently opened video file as QuickTime Movie
  • it is very quickly because an audio track is only converted and a video track is passed
  • if MP4 or MOV or M4V is opened, it is enable under turning off ‘H.264 Hardware Acceleration’
  • if MKV is opened, it is enable after loading is done

Playable default Types

  • MP4, MOV, M4V

Playable optional Types

  • AVI, MKV
  • require the installation of ‘Perian'(QuickTime® Component)
  • ‘Perian’ can download at ‘'(free)


Version 1.2.8:

    • Sandbox was adopted.
    – If OS X 10.7 or later,
    – You can select only a folder in the ‘open’ dialog box.


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