iClipboard 4.1.0 – A flexible clipboard manager.

iClipboard automatically keeps a history of everything you copy to the clipboard from any application. You can then paste any clipping from the history five different ways: 1) the Shelf on the side of the screen; 2) the special menu in the menu bar; 3) the Rapid-Fire hot key; 4) the Services menu; or 5) Paste Blaster. The choice is yours….Pricing is for a single-user license. A Family Pack (up to 5 users) is also available at $49.99.


Version 4.1.0:

  • Added warning about deleting non-text formats when editing text clippings
  • Added semi-duplicate checker for Microsoft Word because it overwrites the clipboard with a new clipping that is very similar, but not exactly the same, as the last clipping when it quits
  • Improved reliability of pasting clippings to fix the problem where a “v” sometimes appears
  • Fixed problem editing certain types of text clippings
  • Fixed problem where text copied from Microsoft Word appeared very small in Shelf
  • Fixed problem where the Open/Close Shelf menu item didn’t work correctly with a floating Shelf

iClipboard 4.1.0

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