Growl 1.4 – Notification system for OS X apps.

Growl is a notification system that allows any application to send it a notification, and then it displays it. You can (for example) be notified that you have new email, or that a download completed.


Version 1.4:General:

  • Applications Tab Redesign! This is a major overhaul, and should be much easier to use.
  • Moved Rollup controls to separate tab.
  • Major improvements to networking.

Preference Pane overhaul:

  • New slider switch for on/off switches
  • Added keyboard support to position picker.
  • General Tab Relayout.
  • Networking tab
  • Add support for subscription
  • History Tab, contextual menu for history table to jump to the app/notification settings
  • Rollup tab is the new home of controls related to the Rollup window.
  • Adding a new display should not require a restart of Growl now.


  • Support for Notification-Callback-Target, a URL field in GNTP. Upon click, Growl lets OSX figure out how to open the URL (such as the default browser for an http:// url)
  • Subscription support, subscribe to all applications on a remote machine.
  • General improvements to networking authentication, removed requirement for, and use of password headers if the password field is blank
  • Fix networking crash related to address data resolution.
  • Bind to local socket only if not listening for incoming notifications.
  • Address data caching, and observation of network changes to clear caches


  • URL click feedback support, same as Notification-Callback-Target in GNTP

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved a crash with webkit plugin bridge on creation.
  • Resolved a crash with forwarding.
  • Resolved an issue where the Speech display waits for previous message to complete causing a CPU drain
  • Resolved a crash with CFErrorGetDomain for WebKit Display Styles.
  • Fixed duplicate listings of display plugins on reinstall.
  • Notification-Callback-Target is now respected, and used, even without the method header.
  • Worked around problems with corrupt history databases.
  • Fixed a sorting problem when deleting a single entry in the history list.


Growl 1.4

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