EventScripts 1.20

EventScripts is a simple application for triggering AppleScripts or shell scripts whenever certain events occur. Perhaps you would like to execute a script every time the track changes in iTunes, or whenever your Internet connection drops? Maybe you’d like to trigger a script every time the of your computer changes? Or maybe you’d like to be able to trigger scripts on your Mac from your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

All these and much more are possible with EventScripts, and its free companion iOS application EventScripts Mobile. EventScripts also passes parameters to the scripts that it executes that provide additional information about the event that triggered execution. Our Web site contains many useful example scripts as well as full details of the events that EventScripts supports, and the parameters it passes for each event.

The events that EventScripts supports include: changes; internet connectivity changes; application launches and quits, computer shutdown, sleep and wake; screen sleep, wake, and locking; screensaver start and stop; time machine backup completion; desktop picture changes; spaces changes; iTunes track changes; screenshot generation, volume mounting and ejection, and more… Check our Web site for the full list!

What’s New

Version 1.30:

  • Fixes a bug that prevented EventScripts from launching at login when requested to.
  • Improves the explanation provided when asking for permission when the application executes user scripts that access the downloads folder.


macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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