Espresso 2.0.1 – Powerful HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript development tool.

Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing and searching, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit!), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools.

Some features:

The Art of Code
Why choose between beauty and power? Between features and speed? With Espresso, you don’t have to. Elegant syntax highlighting, superior navigation, code folding, smart CodeSense, contextual text snippets, spell check, rich extensibility and raw speed: presenting a state-of-the-art text engine for code artists.

Navigator – much more than an ordinary symbol list
Espresso has a unique Navigator that’s best compared to CSSEdit’s styles list. It shows the hierarchical structure in your documents, no matter how complex. You can even drag around elements to reorganize your code!

Smart snippets
No editor is complete without a way to keep frequently used pieces of text. The sleek Snippets tool does that, and more. You can take advantage of selection placeholders, mirror transformations and tab triggers. Some languages even offer advanced contextual snippets, showing you just what you need.

Code folding – a hidden delight
There is more than meets the eye in the Espresso text editor. Move your mouse over the line number gutter, and a handy code folding ribbon fades in. Quickly collapse blocks of text for a more focused look at code. And the best thing? It works for any language that shows up in the Navigator.

CodeSense knows where you are
Espresso features an immensely powerful rule-based syntax engine, Core Syntax, that transforms your text documents into semantic structure. CodeSense leverages this power to suggest smart contextual completions in a language-independent manner. Any Sugar can easily offer amazing auto-completion support without writing a single line of code. And because completions are based on the advanced snippets, they are much more intelligent than simple text insertions.

Checks your speling, too
Of all the things you could write, messages to your users are probably the most influential. That’s why Espresso checks spelling as you type in non-code contexts. Whether you’re designing a site, coding a web app or writing an article, preventing a few typos is always welcome.


Version 2.0.1:Web Preview and X-ray

  • When X-ray opens a style sheet to reveal a style, it now selects the item
  • Added “Empty Cache…” (in the Espresso menu) to removed cache Web Preview contents
  • Fixed Live Styling showing unstyled pages (with Safari 5.1 installed) when using @import to combine style sheets
  • Fixed an issue where filling in a Web form would mark projects as edited
  • Fixed an issue where Web Previews wouldn’t load if the document was open in Workspace
  • Fixed Save, Save As, etc. to not be active for Web Previews

Publish and Sync

  • Improved the descriptions for various server/publishing errors
  • Improved compatibility with SFTP keyboard-interactive authentication
  • Improved Server Settings so it’s more graceful about malformed server credentials
  • Fixed redundant error dialog when choosing not to trust a server
  • Fixed various server login issues with symlinks and special characters
  • Fixed server disconnect indicator sticking around even when disconnected

Find in Project, Find

  • Replacing a search result after Find in Project no longer deselects the document
  • Added back the number of results/replacements next to files when Finding in Project
  • Fixed Find in Project fields not scrolling with the typed text
  • Fixed document-based Find overlay so it’s sized appropriately on 10.7 Lion
  • Fixed sizing of Find and Replace dialogs so they don’t become larger than your screen

Core Editing and Languages, Miscellaneous

  • Improved cursor performance when selecting on-screen colors using the loupe
  • Improved syntax definitions for HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP
  • Wrap With Link again copies the URL from the clipboard
  • Added .pyc documents to the types hidden by default
  • Fixed issue where Zen coding would strip PHP variables
  • Fixed CTP template files to be PHP by default
  • Fixed the “Open in Tabs” preference so it actually, you know, does what it says
  • Fixed an issue where Un/Comment would remove comments that weren’t selected
  • Fixed the line height for empty lines sometimes not corresponding to the font preferences
  • Fixed incorrect pixel dimensions for non-72dpi images

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