Crunch 1.2 – Extract content files from iOS applications.

Crunch is a simple yet powerful utility to extract the content of iOS application files (.ipa or .app file extension). The result is exported in a folder and then you can browse in the Finder any file present in the application package.


  • Export iOS application material:
    • Export all the resource files.
    • Export bundled icons.
    • Reverse the optimization on PNG images and preview them on your Mac (Xcode needed).
    • Batch operations: Drop a folder of applications onto Crunch to export them all.
    • Export options: keeps the folders hierarchy, only export the highest definition images (retina).
    • Smart filters to export some kinds of files: images, media, bundled icons.
    • Bundled icons can be rounded automatically at the perfect radius.
  • Make images from iOS Application icons:
    • Create icons from 16 pixels to 512 pixels.
    • Style Presets — original flat icon with or without rounded corners, decorated: icons rendered with shadows, glows and strokes.
  • Applications Browser:
    • Automatically finds apps from your iTunes library.
    • Browse all the apps and filter them by platform — iPhone, iPad, or Universal.
    • Use the Zoom Slider to preview the icons up to their original size and reveal all the crazy details in the icons.
  • Quick Look iOS applications:
    • See iOS applications with awesome thumbnails in the Finder.
    • Display full-size application icon in the Preview Panel.
  • Retina Display:
    • Ready for High Resolution: Text and images look sharp on a Retina Display, the UI has been optimized to take the advantage of the High Resolution.
  • Ready For Mountain Lion:
    • Gatekeeper Friendly (Developer ID).


Version 1.2:

  • Ready for High Resolution (Retina Display) for both the Application and the Quick Look Plugin.
  • Support of Application Icons up to 1024 pixels (previously, it was 512 pixels). PS: Starting in July, submitted iOS apps require high-resolution icons with a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels.
  • The iTunes Artwork window has been refreshed to easily preview the icons.

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