Core Data Editor 4.2 – Provides easy access to application data

Core Data Editor lets you easily have a look at applications data. In addition to that Core Data Editor lets you also add, delete and modify the data you are looking at in an easy and comfortable way.

Easy Setup

  • Setting up Core Data Editor is very easy. Click on the Configurations icon in the tool bar and add a new Configuration. Enter the path to the model, a persistent store and a type. You are ready to go! Boy that was easy.

Search and binary attributes

  • Core Data Editor lets you find managed objects very easily. You can search by every attribute you wish.

How does Core Data Editor handle binary attributes? Very well! It displays the size of the binary value and lets you open the binary value in Preview with just one click. You can also set binary values to nil or to any value you wish.


Version 4.2:

  • Create a managed object by pressing ⌘N
  • Create a new project by pressing ⌘⇧N
  • Reload the store file by pressing ⌘R
  • Delete a managed object by pressing ⌫
  • The entities table view can be made wider.
  • Slightly improved UI
  • Bugfix: Date attribute text field now responds to the tab key.
  • Bugfix: Refreshing the editor view (by clicking on the refresh button in the lower left corner) is much more stable.

Core Data Editor 4.2

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