Clean Writer Pro 1.2 – Powerful text editor.

Clean Writer Pro is a powerful fullscreen-capable text editor that liberates your inspiration by providing just the essential features, when you need them. By removing clutter and hiding complex options from sight it boosts your creativity and inspiration.

Evolved from the popular minimalist OSX editor Clean Writer, the Pro version brings extra stability, over twice the speed and performance, and great features combining minimalism, efficiency, flexibility and user-customizable settings.

!OSX Lion only! – We got rid of the past and aim for the future. By removing Snow Leopard compatibility we achieved better performance and stability.

Created for writers and all those needing a simple powerful tool that doesn’t overwhelm with countless settings, Clean Writer Pro makes most decisions for you. No individual font change, custom alignment or advanced formatting. Extra options carefully hidden to leave you alone with your words.

Small, fast and effective, powerful and flexible enough to be the answer for 90% of your writing needs. Use it to write your novels, poems or blog posts. Once you’re done, you might want other software to reformat, layout and prepare your work for printing. That’s ok. Clean Writer Pro’s purpose was fulfilled: to help unchain your creativity.

Cool features in Clean Writer Pro:

  • OSX Lion document autosave and versioning
  • OSX Lion UI – autohiding scrollbars
  • OSX Lion full screen minimalist writing mode, for uninterrupted writing
  • Paragraph focus mode – fades away all paragraphs except the current one, allowing you to focus on the current phrase.
  • Markdown preview – converts the current file to HTML using Markdown syntax and previews it in a pop up
  • Markdown-to-HTML copy – converts the current markdown file to HTML and copies the result to the Clipboard, ready to be pasted to your blog, email or website
  • Major performance improvements. Clean Writer Pro is now more stable, speedier, more responsive and snappier than ever
  • Redesigned formatting: Bold, Italicize and Underline text the way you want.
  • Live counters – the counters at the bottom show the number of words, characters, unwrapped hard lines and current line number
  • Customizable: power users can override Clean Writer Pro presets to chose custom colors, fonts, paragraph indents, text transparency and more. Take a look at the advanced command line commands on the official web page
  • Color themes – black on white, dark grey on light grey, white on black, hacker and even more (see advanced tips on our website)


In addition to plain text editing(recommended for maximum compatibility and platform independence), Clean Writer Pro allows importing of multiple common document formats. Take note that some formatting will be lost or ignored.

Plain Text mode disables formatting and only saves plain text files(.txt extension).
Rich Text mode brings you basic formatting and possibility to save your work to different formats/extensions: markdown(.md) plain text, RTF or HTML files and more.


All commands have clear shortcuts and menu items in the Edit menu(also accessible in fullscreen mode). Common commands use standard OSX shortcuts. The complete shortcut list can be found in the Help panel (invoke it from the menu bar or the question mark icon).

Use the Preferences panel (click on cog icon, use the menu Clean Writer Pro->Preferences or the keyboard shortcut) to:

  • pick desired global text font(from presets, or even a custom one)
  • pick line height and paragraph first line indent
  • chose desired page width
  • fine tune your writing experience with grammar check, autocorrect and more
  • hide UI elements that you don’t need, for an even more focused writing

Version 1.2:

  • fixed file saving issues and improved usability
  • added extra hiding options for formatting and file type buttons. Now everything can be made invisible.
  • improved Markdown css for better legibility
  • new page width available: full width
  • cleaner help

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