TextExpander 4.0.4 – On-the-fly typing accelerator (was Textpander).

TextExpander 4.0.4

TextExpander (was Textpander) is a customizable typing shortcut tool that saves time and keystrokes. With TextExpander, you can define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings and images, also known as snippets. When an abbreviation is typed, it expands automatically to the full snippet.

Here are a few examples for what you can do with TextExpander:

  • Insert standard greetings, phrases, boilerplate paragraphs, and signatures – including formatted text and pictures.
  • Correct typos automatically
  • Organize snippets into groups
  • Add predefined snippet groups, including HTML, CSS, Autocorrect, Accented Words, and Symbols groups.
  • Shorten long URLs automatically with the Internet Productivity snippet group
  • Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer.
  • Sync snippets via MobileMe

TextExpander is controlled from its own preference pane inside your System Preferences. Designed for easy handling, TextExpander blends in perfectly with your operating system.

What’s New

Version 4.0.4:

  • Adds popover to resolve snippet abbreviation conflicts
  • Duplicate snippets are drawn with blue abbreviation (vs. orange for conflicts)
  • Supports Cut, Copy and Paste to manipulate snippets in the outline, including in the contextual menu
  • Change the "Purchase / Update…" menu item to "Review Registration…" if already registered
  • Adds "expand abbreviation ''" syntax to AppleScript expand command
  • Updates approach to fixing TextExpander icon appearing twice in the Dock upon restart
  • Attempts to fix an issue where expanding a snippet abbreviation into the OmniFocus Quick Entry window could sometimes send the first backspace keystroke to the previously active application
  • Fixes crash when expanding a snippet containing invalid %key% macro, invalid %fill… macros, or ending with an invalid date math macro
  • Restores support for %j day-of-year macro
  • Fixes crash when attempting to Copy a snippet in the snippets and groups list
  • Fixes crash when manipulating Group expansion sound if overall expansion sound preference had never been changed/set
  • Fixes issue where using "Create New Snippet" from the TextExpander menu item, setting an abbreviation, then clicking "Open TextExpander" could result in a new snippet which might not expand until TextExpander is restarted
  • Pre-fill name and email address into crash report window when available
  • Fixes problem where application checked by using "Other…" in "Only These Applications…" or "All Applications, Except…" window would be lost if the app check list was edited later


Intel, OS X 10.7 or later


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