PopClip 1.2.3 – Cut, copy and paste at your fingertips; similar to iOS.

PopClip puts Cut, Copy and Paste (and more!) at your fingertips, with a popover menu which appears when you select text on your Mac.How to use:

  1. Use your mouse pointer to select some text
  2. PopClip appears!


  • Beautifully rendered user interface looks great on your Mac display
  • Instantly search the web for the text you select
  • Open web links with one click
  • Get dictionary definitions and spelling corrections.
  • Adjust the size of the popover, from small to very large
  • Small, fast and convenient. PopClip is a great way to work with text on your Mac.

Version 1.2.3:

  • Fixed bug that caused crash or incorrect behaviour with some keyboard input sources (including Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spell Catcher).
  • Fixed bug where Mozilla Firefox would launch when PopClip starts.

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