MenuTab Pro for Facebook 5.6 – Provides real-time Facebook access from your menu bar.

MenuTab Pro for Facebook
MenuTab (was FaceTab) takes your Facebook addiction to a whole new level. It is the best app for instantly accessing your Facebook account without having to open your Web browser!

With our competitors, you have to manually hit refresh constantly – way too much work. With MenuTab, we take advantage of the magic of Facebook to make everything totally real-time, with the latest news from your friends coming straight onto your desktop. Oh, and unlike all those other apps, we don’t crash.

MenuTab is absolutely free and allows you to view your news feed, profile page, inbox, photos and more. Downloading this should be a total no brainer!

After installing, simply click on the MenuTab icon in the top menu bar whenever you want to check your Facebook account. From there, you will be presented with a beautiful little window that contains the brilliant Facebook Touch interface.

Despite being free, MenuTab is miles ahead of both its paid and free alternatives. Unlike any of the competing apps, we support visual notifications, have optional audio alerts and configurable automatic refresh rates so that you can always be up to date with what your friends are doing – like we said before, no pointless refresh button clicking!

We’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about the details and after using this app for a few days, you’ll begin to notice our small yet creative touches. We plan on a very active development cycle, so please spread the word and keep sending us your feedback!

Helpful Hints:

1. Click the “News Feed” tab to switch to the “Live Feed” view and click it again to switch back.

2. Open the Preferences menu to configure settings such as refresh rate, audio alerts and more.

Legal Note:

  • MenuTab is a 3rd party application for Facebook and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook Inc.
  • Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.

What’s New

Version 5.6
- Urgent bug fix for crash.


OS X 10.6.8 or later


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