Krita 4.4.0

Krita is a free, Open-Source painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry. Krita has been in development for over 10 years and has had an explosion in growth recently. It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional alike.

  • User Interface – An intuitive user interface that stays out of your way. The dockers and panels can be moved and customized for your specific workflow. Once you have your setup, you can save it as your own workspace. You can also create your own shortcuts for commonly used tools.
  • Brush Stabilizers – Have a shaky hand? Add a stabilizer to your brush to smoothen it out. Krita includes 3 different ways to smooth and stabilize your brush strokes. There is even a dedicated Dynamic Brush tool where you can add drag and mass.
  • Pop-up Palette – Quickly pick your color and brush by right-clicking on the canvas. You can also use Krita’s tagging system to swap out the available brushes that are displayed. The ring outside of the color selector contains the most recently used colors. These settings can be configured through the preferences.
  • Brush Engines – Customize your brushes with 9 unique brush engines. Each engine has a large amount of settings to customize your brush. Each brush engine is made to satisfy a specific need such as the Color Smudge engine, Shape engine, Particle engine, and even a filter engine. Once you are done creating your brushes, you can save them and organize them with Krita’s unique tagging system.
  • Wrap-around Mode – It is easy to create seamless textures and patterns now. Press the ‘W’ key while painting to toggle wrap-around mode. The image will make references of itself along the x and y axis. Continue painting and watch all of the references update instantly. No more clunky offsetting to see how your image repeats itself.
  • Resource Manager – Import brush and texture packs from other artists to expand your tool set. If you create some brushes that you love, share them with the world by creating your own bundles. Check out the brush packs that are available in the Resource area.

What’s New

Version 4.4.0:

Fill Layers:
  • This release brings a lot of updates and changes to fill layers.
Multi-threading for fill layers:
  • Fill layers can now make use of multi-threading. This means that if your computer has multiple cores, Krita can subdivide the calculation work for making fill layers between them. This makes fill layers a lot faster
Transformations for the pattern fill:
  • The patterns of fill layers can now be transformed, allowing you to amongst others, rotate the patterns. This has also been implemented for the shape drawing tools and the bucket fill, and had been long on the to-do list
  • A new fill layer option specialized in filling the whole screen with dots, squares, lines, waves or more. This fill layer allows you to quickly generate the simple pattern you need on the fly, which is very useful for those doing comic book illustration or similar highly graphics styles
  • A fill layer that generates, among others, Penrose tilings, as well as Quasicrystal structures. The results are rotationally symmetric, but aperiodic, meaning these rhomb patterns don’t repeat themselves
  • This filter was inspired by the next item on the list…
  • Amyspark’s Google Summer of Code project, the integration of Disney Animation’s SeExpr expression language. SeExpr is in effect a tiny shader language that is used by Walt Disney Animation Studios itself to generate textures and materials on the fly for their animations. Within Krita, this allows you to code your own fill layers. We’ve also tried to come up with a good set of defaults to work off from and included them
  • Following the addition of the lightness mode in 4.3, this release sees another round of features for the brush engines
  • Top stroke: using a combination of the new lightness parameter with the mix parameter
  • Bottom stroke: using the texture strength parameter to mix gradient mapped brush tips and textures
Gradient Map mode for Brush-tips:
  • If lightness mode is not subtle enough for you, you can now also use the global gradient to color a brush tip. Especially useful with small repeating objects like flowers and leaves
Lightness and Gradient modes for brush textures:
  • Brushes now have the ability to use lightness and the gradients for textures as well
Diagonal selection lines in MyPaint color selector:
  • Diagonal lines allow modifying lightness and saturation of the currently active color at the same time
Support for dynamic use of currently selected colors in gradients:
  • While Krita had support for the GIMP Gradient format, we never supported the dynamic changing of gradients based on the current fore and background colors. Nor did we do so for the layer styles. This has now been added. Several of the bundled presets use the foreground color to easily create sparks, haze and other effects
  • While most of the animation work is happening in master and will be in the next big Krita release, some choice features have made it to 4.4:
  • Audio Support within an AppImage
  • WebM/VP9 preset for Animation Rendering - Based on a request for a web friendly rendering preset
  • Compositions Docker now allows for the exporting of Animations - Requested by animators, the compositions docker allows for saving and loading layer visibility configurations. This adds the ability to setup animation renders for these configurations
GDQUEST Batch Exporter add-on:
  • An exporter for batch exporting the layers and positions from Krita. Made by the folks over at Game Design Quest
Python plugin Channels to Layers:
  • By Gwendal Blanchard, this plugin allows you to quickly separate the image channels into layers
API changes:
  • Return list of available dockers for application in python
  • add signal to notify when theme changed
  • Add signal when active view changes in python
  • Add showFloatingMessage to View API
  • New widget bindings: scratchpad. See an example of a scratchpad docker built using python
New Python scripting website:
  • To learn about the new scripting APIs, or learn how to script with Krita in general, a new website was made to assist. It is broken apart into various sections of what scripting can do
  • Make Ctrl+C/X/V shortcut work with layers when there is nothing else to copy - Krita can copy pixel data, vector objects and whole layers with blending modes, frames, child layers and other properties. Previously, Krita would only try to copy pixel and vector objects if these were selected and otherwise not copy anything. Now, Krita will copy the selected layer if nothing is selected, making it a lot easier to copy and paste layers between files
  • Basic Reapply Filter with Prompt. We already had ‘Reapply Filter’, but some filters have configuration dialogs that you might wish to change. This function allows for exactly that, and can have a hotkey assigned for quick access
  • Update default layer name to show type - Krita used to give layers names like ‘layer 1’, ‘layer 2’, regardless of layer type. Based on artist feedback, we’ve now added the layer type to make it easier to tell what kind of layer was made
  • Add ‘selection as a border’ option to the Fill Tool - In some graphics software, the fill tool will treat separately selected areas as separate areas to fill. We’ve added an option to the fill tool that allows this in Krita. It is a little slower, and therefore off by default
  • Fix undo breakage after converting a pixel selecion into a vector one
  • Add a workaround for boolean operations on shapes
  • Fix Move Tool to work correctly with Instant Preview
  • Add antialias to the gradients in the cases they showed jagged borders
  • Make the color labels combobox nicer in Tool Options
  • Fix layer’s bounds extending when painting outside the selected area
  • Disable doing bitBlt outside extent when alpha channel is locked
  • Fix moving local selection mask created from global selection
  • Fix the _other_ place where the lorem text was used(Bug 421663)
  • Bugfix: Recent documents don’t open
  • Fix resource icon aspect ratio on 1 column display
  • Fix artifacts when moving a layer with layer styles
  • Fix leftover artifacts when moving shapes under layer styles
  • Let Select Opaque deselect the selection when the layer is empty
  • Fix converting multile shapes into a vector selection
  • Don’t start move-selection stroke if selection is empty
  • Fix move-selection action after using locked-alpha painting
  • Fix conversion of masks into a paint layer
  • Recover active node when the user toggles "Edit Global Selection"
  • Created a shader for drawing brush tool outline.
  • Fixed OpenGL canvas rendering for High-DPI displays
  • Make Angle preferred renderer on Windows
  • Remove old workaround for popup palette hiding
  • Add context to the "Original" label
  • Fix the plugins/tool action files
  • Fix loading ASL gradients with only one stop
  • Fix updates of masks when changing visibility
  • Fix Liquify Transform to avoid changing the image when no transform done
  • Fix jumping of shapes when Orthogonal Snap is enabled
  • Fixes the problem of calculating threshold of flood fill tools.
  • Fix applying invert filter on transparency masks
  • Make Smart Patch Tool consider active selection
  • Lens blur: Map between translated and untranslated strings in filter config
  • Fix "Shrink from image border" wrapping
  • Fix border selection to generate non-fuzzy edges
  • Fix Screen Fetch Logic Crash in KoToolBox that was triggered by vertical monitors
  • Parent the resource manager window
  • Fix KoZoomTool on rotated and mirrored canvas
  • Fix canvas FBO object to work ocrrectly in fractional display scaling mode
  • Fix handling of Control modifier in the Zoom Tool
  • Fix the aspect ration of the gradient selector popup
  • No need to abort when this assert fails
  • Remove the jpef/jfif mime subtype
  • Fix exporting ORA files
  • Add a small executable to print the version
  • Save and load assistant side handles in .kra and .paintingassistant files
  • Add a warning label in file layer dialog
  • Show floating message of activated preset in Ten Brushes
  • Disambiguate the filter categories
  • Fill layers: Keep the config around when switching generators
  • Fix contiguous selection tool working on projection
  • Fix ffmpeg argument construct for GIF save
  • Update the waterc brushes so they work with mice, too
  • Fix use-after-free in the resource server
  • Fix cloning of a stroke layers style with "center" position
  • Fix crash when using Fill Tool without a selection
  • Add cancellation of assistant creation with escape
  • Fix destination atop rendering
  • Add a workaround for too big brushes generated by Masking Brush option
  • Fix saving broken .ora file in case of empty layer
  • Don’t save x and y of groups in .ora files
  • Don’t save reference images in .ora files
  • Allow shift snapping when placing and dragging assistant handles
  • Don’t hide global assistant color when no assistant is selected
  • Fix broken shortcuts when user uses Space key as a modifier
  • Fix Crash on Frame Priority Caching when Graphics Acceleration is Disabled.
  • Fix the aspect ratio of the palette chooser
  • Fix crash on curve adjustment filter in CMYK document
  • Snap: Fix file chooser icons. Add jpeg 2000, gif, raw, TIFF, HEIF
  • Make assistant guidelines follow brush during stroke
  • Fixup: Canvas No Longer Soft-Locks When Changing Graphics Acceleration Setting
  • Fix deform brush slowly turning the canvas transparent
  • Add missing header QList
  • Fix painting with colorsmudge brush when a selection is active
  • Fix KRA Saving Failure When Audio File is Missing
  • Fix Rendering Fail on First Render After Switching to video/ogg Container Type.
  • Fix Loading Group Node Opacity Keyframes.
  • Some "Render Animation" dialog settings init to document settings.
  • Fix: Properly Maintain Selection of Keyframes When Inserting / Removing Hold Frames.
  • Fix canvas crashing on closing when having more than one document open.
  • Fix Overview Docker resetting Instant Preview caches
  • Fix layer index generation algorithm
  • Fix update of file layers created via "Convert to" menu
  • Fix canvas freeze on closing the second document in Angle mode
  • Correctly flush cache after layer > resize operations.
  • Fix z-order saving for reference images.
  • Fix setting z-index for reference images when loading or adding to a document.
  • Add signal compressor in the reference image tool to prevent freezes.
  • Fix skipping over fake nodes for composition visibility.
  • Elide very long brush names.
  • Enable antialiasing properly for rectangle select.
  • Fix "Fill Entire Selection" action not to multiply opacity twice
  • Remove the version number from the caption
  • Fix loading colorize masks with custom profiles
  • Fix first redo() after paint device color space conversion
  • Fix ellipsis sign in some user actions
  • Fix halos around strokes in "Inherit Alpha" layers with transparency
  • Fix Local Selection being collapsed right after addition
  • Fix extra frames not being added for hidden animation layers
  • Fix scaling of file layers with transparent background
  • Fix the color label of the layers when doing merge-down
  • Fix artifacts when using Move Tool in WrapAround mode
  • Fix painting with colorsmudge brush on a alpha-locked layer
  • Fix shotcut conflict in "Protoshop Compatible" profile
  • Fix setting a proper color profile in RAW import plugin
  • Fix flatten/merge down/merge multiple action handle locked groups correctly
  • Remove global/document import question for palettes.
  • Align quickbrush dabs to outline.
  • New shortcut: Resize brush in full pixel increments
  • Fix actions not to modify locked layers
  • Fix drop indicator rendering for the layers
  • Fix jumps in composite op combobox when using mouse wheel or keyboard
  • Fix color space when saving EXR with Gray channels
  • Fix temporary wrongly selected layer when merging down huge layers
  • Try once more to fix the window captions
  • Fix update of layers with Destination Atop blendign mode
  • Limit the size of the warning icon in the Blending Mode combobox
  • Fix layers docker not updating blendmode availability on image cs change
  • Fix errorneously set background color in EXR loading code
  • Switch radio buttons to combobox to reduce the size of the predefined brushes.
  • Fix crash on particular LCMS profiles
  • Fix selecting a font in the font combobox by being less agressive in activating slots.
  • Fix convertions of font-weight between qt and svg
  • Add reload preset button to brush HUD in popup palette
  • Add a warning message when changing profile of a multilayered image
  • Fix a bug in KisConvolutionWorkerFFTW
  • Make LCMS init() crash-proof
  • `pixelDataAtTime` Implementation Correction
  • Don’t let transform tool use non-affine transforms on vector layers
  • Add * to the tab caption for modified documents
  • Make Opacity/BlendingMode/InheritAlpha changes compressible
  • Fix updates when changing visibility of a layer
  • Fix bug with brushes that can’t find brushtip
  • Select last reference image whenever adding a reference image.
  • Fix saving/loading colorized masks after cropping them
  • Fix duplication of default tags
  • Fix loading visibility of colorize masks
  • Fix crash when trying to export Transform Mask
  • Fix artifacts when using Masking Brush in Subtract mode in FP color space
  • Fix comma at the end of "Blur," filter category
  • Fix artifacts when doing Split Alpha after Gaussian Blur filter
  • Make "Use Selection As Boundary" create new selection when clicking outside selection
  • Fix Divide, Vivid Light and Parallel blending modes handle negative layer colors
  • Show shortcuts in native format where applicable
  • Link to instead of the forum
  • Fix WinTab protocol handling on convertible Yoga C940
  • Fix initialization of WinInk if wintab.dll is not found
  • Fix switching Krita settings to WinInk when the driver doesn’t support WinTab
  • Frame Drag and Drop No Longer Accepted on Uneditable Layers
  • Frame Drag and Drop Default Pixel Correction
  • Fix crash when D&D a reference image as an external URL
  • Fix blending mode shortcuts when using non-English locale
  • Reenable Next/Prev Blendign Mode shortcuts(Bug 343655)
  • Fix full-pressure blobs when using floating dockers
  • Add Up/Down buttons to compositions docker
  • Fix small images and pixel art in Overview docker
  • Fix Image->Convert Color Space for layers with a different color space
  • Fix bad rendering of text shapes
  • Fix jumping when editing vector path
  • Fix crash when redoing creation of a colorize mask
  • Fix erratic assert in ToolTransformArgs
  • Add a translators tab to the aboutbox
  • Fix crash after pasting a shape layer into a different document(Bug 423752)
  • Fix crash in ColorSmudge paintop with animated GIH brushes
  • Fix a crash when recoverng the assistants via snapshots
  • Fix font options after clearing the rich text editor
  • Refactor a logic that enables FBO rendering for the brush outline
  • Fix brush outline rendering on openGL 3.0
  • Fix partial updates in Reference Images tool
  • Fix rendering
  • Fix text marked modified when Text Editor is opened
  • Fix several python API functions to be synchronous
  • Fix mapping of Alt key on Windows
  • Add diagonal lines to MyPaint Shade Selector
  • Fix crash when loading a file with reference images
  • Fix lightness strength option for smudge engine
  • Fix Cutoff Pattern option Bug 426874
  • Android: Vector/references don’t get rendered
  • Fix updates of color picker’s preview
  • Also copy the other two .lnk files for Krita animation and Krita minimal, these are shortcuts that will open up Krita in a specific workspace
  • Fix crash when undoing Rectangle Selection and doing redo after
  • Fix a crash when moving local selection mask
  • Fix shortcut for Polygonal Selection Tool
  • Fix update of color preview in MyPaint Color Selector on mouse click
  • SeExpr: assert isDirty on the correct preset instance
  • Fix snapping decorations in Create Path Tool
  • Android: Use Storage Access Framework for all file operations
  • Android: show recent files on Welcome widget
  • Android: Fix problem with loading/saving file layer
  • Android: Fix saving for files with no extension
  • Android: Fix saving with selections
  • Android: Fix saving usage logging
  • Do not install Krita 3 bundle on android so the apk is small enough
  • Fix missing translated menu entries by letting Krita recognise the context properly
  • Fix pop-up palette not showing brushes on Android
  • Fix incorrect conversion in artistic color selector for HSL mode
  • Android: fix move tool not moving the layer
  • Android: fix opening autosave files
  • Fix a crash caused by multithreading
  • Fix textured mode for patterns with transparency
  • Fix pasting as reference image on Android
  • Fix second color preview in MyPaint shade selector
  • Android: activate kinetic scrolling by default
  • Fix canvas updates in wraparound mode
  • Fix link to Krita artists
  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix crash caused by pasting as reference image when there was no clipboard data
  • Fix finding quazip


macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor


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