FocusMask 1.0 – Simple concentration aide for increasing productivity.

FocusMask allows users to put distractions out of sight and out of mind.

FocusMask is a simple concentration aid that allows you to hide clutter on your screen (without affecting the hidden windows). Simply point your cursor at a window on your desktop, press a keyboard shortcut, and all the other objects competing for your attention will fade away into the background.

You can also isolate only a part of a window through pattern detection, or manually highlight any part of the screen by clicking and dragging your own selection. Please see the screenshots below for a visual explanation.


  • Improve your focus by fading away distractions.
  • Visually highlight a single window on your desktop, a part of a window, or make your own selection.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully adjustable opacity
  • Works with Spaces
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Animated tutorial shows you how to use the application
  • Uses little memory
  • Helps you take better screenshots
  • Hides everything, even the dock and menubar

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