Byword 1.5.1 – Minimalist typing interface.

Byword is your minimalist typing interface.

Byword starts with a clean full-screen interface that lets you start typing right away-no templates to choose, no type settings to tune, no spacing to adjust. Everything is already prepared for you.

Features include:

  • Full-screen interface;
  • Focus mode to highlight only the few lines nearby the cursor-you will love this;
  • 5 beautiful typography presets optimized for legibility and readability;
  • Plain text (TXT) and rich text (RTF) editing;
  • Special selection functions to facilitate text manipulation;
  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts to quickly make changes;
  • In-place formatting options presented in a contextual popover;
  • User-interface accessory views fade away when typing;
  • Integrated Find and Replace;
  • Printing and exporting to PDF.


Version 1.5.1:

  • Improved iCloud performance during launch
  • Fixed blank document windows that affected certain users
  • Fixed Markdown preview errors on case-sensitive file systems
  • iCloud browser can now open any type of file
  • Moving rich text documents to iCloud will now alert that those documents will not appear on Byword for iOS

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